Forfatter: DJ Sigvaldason

Trance to the People 344Trance to the People 344

Kyau & Albert – So True Anivia feat. Dina Eve – When Hope Is Fading Up & Forward with Eugene Sender – Believe In Yourself (Solewaas Remix) In Trance –

Trance to the People 343Trance to the People 343

Guy Alexander & Rolfiek – Light Force (Short Mix) Skysurfer – Colors 2019 (Wavetraxx Remix) Sincere & Emoiryah – Grace (Maratone Extended Remix) Ace Ventura – Hello Maxim Aqualight –

Trance to the People 342Trance to the People 342

Store N Forward feat. Linnea Schossow & Tom Boldt – Diamond Dancing Sea (Katrin’s World Extended Mix) Derek Palmer – Forever Leads Me To You Steve Allen & Amir Hussain

Trance to the People 341Trance to the People 341

Sleepthief feat. Zoe Johnston – Alice’s Door (Aurosonic Extended Mix) Kaimo K – Hold Of You (Denis Kenzo Extended Mix) Above & Beyond feat. Marty Longstaff – Flying By Candlelight

Trance to the People 340Trance to the People 340

Purple Haze & KhoMha – We Come In Peace (Original Mix) Arjans – Redline (Extended Mix) Gareth Emery – Laserface 03 (Leaving You) (Original Mix) Frainbreeze – Back To The

Trance to the People 339Trance to the People 339

Christopher Corrigan – I Never Do (Extended Mix) DJ T.H. feat. Robin Vane – Be My Hero (Original Mix) Bryan Kearney – Adrenaline (James Dymond Remix) Alex M.O.R.P.H. – Stardust

Trance to the People 338Trance to the People 338

Feel & Abhishek – The Harmony (Extended Mix) Dark Echo – Moon Fall (Extended Mix) Axelpolo – Dark Side (Extended Mix) Maryn – Arise (Extended Mix) Jaik Willis & Limelght

Trance to the People 337Trance to the People 337

Klopfgeister – Good Bye Goa (The Chromatic Remix) Mindcraft & Mfg – Object In The Sky Numedian – Goa Spirit Normalize & Upsoull – Flash Night (Original Mix) Purecloud5 –

Trance to the People 336Trance to the People 336

Paul van Dyk & Vini Vici – Galaxy (Original Mix) DJ T.H. feat. Hanna Finsen & TEKNO – Danger Zone (Tom Exo Extended Remix) Granz Enemy – Spirit Realm (Original

Trance to the People 335Trance to the People 335

Keisuke Kimura – Glare (Original Mix) Dirkie Coetzee – Adagio For Strings (Extended Mix) Somna & Yang feat. Noire Lee – Till Oblivion 2019 (Extended Mix) Arjans – Redline (Extended