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Trance to the People 361Trance to the People 361

Emotional Sound Group – Los Angeles Passion (Original Mix) Rescu3 – Escape (original version) Costa & Ana Criado – The Secret Garden (Extended Mix) Christina Novelli & HAKA – Worlds

Trance to the People 360Trance to the People 360

DJ Sigvaldason Paul Arcane & Dani Avramov – Glow (Extended Mix) LTN – Golven (Extended Mix) Navvi – Ultra (Original Mix) Tennyson – You (Original Mix) Edward Manot – Bramosia

Trance to the People 359Trance to the People 359

Michael Milov feat. Lucid Blue – End Of Days (Extended Mix) Above & Beyond – Another Angel (Extended Mix) Marlon White & B-Way – Higher (Extended Mix) Cyril Ryaz –

Trance to the People 358Trance to the People 358

Tom Exo – Return From Eternity (Short Mix) Somna & Yang feat. Noire Lee – Till Oblivion (Daniel Skyver Remix) DRYM – Rogue Steve Allen & Amir Hussain – Trinket

Trance to the People 357Trance to the People 357

Lane 8 Feat. POLIÇA – Brightest Lights (PB. Remix) Noise Zoo feat. Caitlin Stubbs – Reverie (Elypsis Extended Mix) Tom Boldt feat. Maria Nayler – Once Upon A Memory (Extended

Trance to the People 356Trance to the People 356

Ranji & Ghost Rider – Can’t Sleep (Extended Version) Maria Nayler – Angry Skies (James Dymond Extended Mix) Alexander Popov & Chris Jones – Another Life (Allen Watts Extended Remix)

Trance to the People 355Trance to the People 355

Ben Gold & HVNNAH – Come Home Dt8 Project – Circles (Original Mix) Dan Thompson – Cygnus ELV – Flash Guitar (Original Mix) Eric Senn – Jump (Extended Mix) RAM

Trance to the People 354Trance to the People 354

Alex M.O.R.P.H. – Blue Bird (Extended) Jericho Frequency feat. Maria Nayler – More Than A Photograph (Original Mix) Frank Dueffel – City Lights (original mix) Frank Dueffel – L.A. Midnight

Trance to the People 353Trance to the People 353

Follow Focus – No Tomorrow (Extended Mix) Hiromori Aso – Blink Dagger (Short Mix) F.G. Noise & Riialto – Zika (The Enlightment Remix) Steve Allen feat. Sarah Lynn – Broken

Trance to the People 352Trance to the People 352

Marc Marberg – Guarana (Kyau & Albert Rework) Steve Dekay presents Skende – Case Brian Cid – Be One (Original Mix) Skender & Cristian Nevez – Antimatter (Extended Mix) Richard