The end..

22. August 2020

Dear everyone..

I’ve reached to the end. I have decided to stop producing Trance to the People. After almost 10 years, with a myriad of radios and just as many listeners, I feel the time has come to invent something new.

On Tuesday 25 August, the last edition of Trance to the People will be recorded and broadcast on the air from 31 August to 6 September.

I will start a new show, which more reflects me as the DJ I am .. The show has not yet been given a name, but the style will be what I am passionate about playing, and not excluded a genre or style, but more what moving right now. More clubbing, with a fusion, of Disco, Funky, Deep, Tech, Progressive House and Nu Disco and maybe spiced up with a little Techno and Trance ..

The new show will also be weekly, and will be posted on iTunes, Mixcloud, etc. I hope as many of my current broadcast partners as possible will run the new show..

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